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Banksters Hit with Racketeering Charges – Better Late Than Never!

(Clint Siegner / Money Metals Exchange)  JPMorgan Chase and other bullion banks spent most of a decade screwing clients and investors who...

Fed to Pump $75 billion Per Day Into Teetering “Repo” Market

(Associated Press) The Federal Reserve will keep pumping cash into a vital but obscure corner of U.S. financial markets in coming weeks.

Electric Car Push Could Mean Fewer and Lower Paying American Jobs

(Associated Press) If U.S. consumers ever ditch fuel burners for electric vehicles, then the United Auto Workers union is in trouble.

Felony Charges for Couple that Went on Spending Spree After Bank Error

(WNEP) Robert and Tiffany Williams made their first court appearance after being arrested and charged with four felony counts of theft.

Index Tracks How Trump’s Tweets Move Markets

(Associated Press) Financial markets have become so in thrall to President Donald Trump's tweets that J.P. Morgan has created an index to...

Gold Market Manipulation: Conspiracy Theory or Fact?

(Chris Powell / Money Metals News Service) While most market analysts who have denied central bank and government intervention against gold have...

Americans Seek Negative Interest Mortgages from Danish Banks

(Yahoo Finance) Two weeks ago Jyske Bank, Denmark’s third-largest bank, shocked the world by offering mortgages with a negative interest rate. Put...

September Is the Worst Month for Stocks

(Associated Press) If you thought August was a rough month for stocks, you might want to brace yourself for this month.

Too Many Students Get Nothing from College Except Debt

(Marketwatch) America devotes vastly more resources on higher education than other high-income countries, and it is hard to say it spends that money wisely.

Fed Chairman Powell Sees No Recession Ahead

(Associated Press) Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said Friday that the Fed is not expecting a U.S. or global recession. But...