Bloomberg Blasts Bernie for Pushing Communism While Living a Millionaire Lifestyle

(The Federalist) Former New York City Mayor and Democratic presidential newcomer Michael Bloomberg issued a sharp rebuke to the socialist proposals touted by the progressive candidates during Wednesday night’s debate, chastising the senators promoting “communism.”

Trump Seeks Deal on Foreign Workers that Could Anger Base

(Politico) The White House can't get its broad immigration proposal moving, so officials are pursuing a narrow deal that would please the business community but might go against the president's campaign promise to reduce overall immigration.

Career Criminals Thrive After New York Eliminates Bail

(Breitbart) A convicted felon who thanked New York Democrats this week for eliminating bail for a series of crimes deemed “non-violent” was arrested for the 140th time, just days after he was released from New York City...

Hair Club for Men Founder — and Client — Sy Sperling Dies

(Associated Press) Hair Club for Men founder Sy Sperling, famous for the TV commercials where he proclaimed “I'm not only the Hair Club president but I'm also a client,” died in Florida. He was 78.

Social Security Is a Terrible Investment

(Mises Institute) Social Security, the primary retirement savings tool and biggest tax for millions of Americans, is a bad deal, critics contend. They argue that mandatory Social Security is a poor investment because it...

Worst Marketing Campaign Ever? Burger King Unveils “Moldy Whopper”

(Associated Press) Burger King is breaking the mold in its new advertising campaign. The burger chain is portraying its Whopper covered in mold in print and TV ads running in Europe and the U.S....

ChiComs Expel Wall Street Journal Reporters over “Racist” Headline

"Real Sick Man of Asia" (Associated Press) China on Wednesday said it has revoked the press credentials of three reporters for the U.S. newspaper Wall Street Journal over a headline for an...

How Is the Sausage Made? Illegal Immigrants, Health Risks and Terrorist Threats

(IRLI) Last Friday, the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) filed a friend-of-the-court brief in a Texas federal district court in support of a former employee of Quality Sausage Company, LLC, a meat-processing company.

Bloomberg Belittles Farmers, Suggests Elderly Cancer Patients Should Hurry Up and Die

(OAN Newsroom) Presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg was under fire for comments he’s made, this time about the elderly and farmers. It began with a video of Bloomberg speaking on health care Sunday. He claimed...

Mansion Collector Jeff Bezos Commits $10 Billion to Fight Climate Change

(Associated Press) Amazon founder Jeff Bezos said Monday that he plans to spend $10 billion of his own fortune to help fight climate change. Bezos, the world’s richest person, said in an Instagram post...

Boy Scouts File for Bankruptcy Due to Sex Abuse, Social Experimentation

(Liberty Headlines) Barraged by hundreds of sex-abuse lawsuits, the Boy Scouts of America filed for bankruptcy protection Tuesday in hopes of working out a potentially mammoth victim compensation plan that will allow the hallowed, 110-year-old organization to carry on. The...
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