Judge Strikes Down Outdoor Dining Ban

(American Institute for Economic Research) Los Angeles County and California, in general, have been subject to some of the longest and most arbitrary lockdown orders in the country.

California Governor Gavin Newsom waived the state’s restrictions on the length of public health emergencies on March 4th which allowed him to never officially end his lockdowns. Since then, residents have been subject to ever-changing rules that shift at the will of those in power.

In Los Angeles, there was a rare moment of principled resistance as a Superior Court judge struck down a recent and controversial outdoor dining ban.

Unfortunately for Los Angeles residents, Governor Newsom recently declared a regional stay at home order which in practice bans outdoor dining. This is of course, the same governor who was recently spotted at a dinner party at the Michelin-starred French Laundry. 

Although it is unfortunate that LA County residents will not be able to reap the benefits of the judge’s ruling, the development is still a fortunate one that may signal a growing acceptance of legal theories that challenge lockdowns… 

On December 8th Politico reported that 

“A judge on Tuesday issued a blistering rebuke to Los Angeles County public health officials racing to control Covid-19’s spread, saying an indefinite ban on outdoor dining announced late last month was ‘unsupported by any findings’ and an abuse of emergency powers.”

The ruling is one of a number of developments that join a growing club of judicial victories against lockdowns. Recently, religious groups in New York won a massive victory in the US Supreme Court against restrictions on their rights to attend indoor service. The governors of MichiganWisconsin, and Pennsylvania all had their lockdowns struck down by the courts in the past few months. 

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