House of Horrors: Epstein’s New Mexico Ranch to Go on Market for $20 Million

(RadarOnline) Sex perv Jeffrey Epstein may have taken his secrets to the grave, but those at his New Mexico estate are going up for sale!

Sources say the twisted tycoon’s sprawling Zorro Ranch is expected to fetch a whopping $20 million.

But unlike the billionaire pedophile’s properties in Florida, New York and the Virgin Islands, it’s never been raided by the FBI — prompting the creep’s former VIP guests to fear what a new buyer could find.

According to federal documents, Epstein would use cameras to gather “private information” about his powerful pals so he could later blackmail them.

Former ranch hand Deidre Stratton has described how she waited on Prince Andrew during a three-day stay when he was supplied with a busty “young neurosurgeon” to keep him company.

The 10,000-acre spread, which is 40 miles south of Santa Fe, is still staffed by employees of Cypress, Inc., a company associated with Epstein.

“The local buzz is it will go up for sale in coming months. It’s rumored to be worth about $20 million,” a Santa Fe source revealed. “It’s going to be a hard sell with its history, but it’s a stunning property with amazing views.”

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