Black Lives Matter Riots Cost 66 Times More Than Capitol Incursion

(The Federalist) Capitol Architect J. Brett Blandon told lawmakers Wednesday damage from January’s Capitol riots will likely cost $30 million to cover adequate mental health services, art repairs, and enhanced security.

“The events of Jan. 6 were difficult for the American people, and extremely hard for all of us on campus to witness,” Blanton testified before the House Appropriations Committee, warning the price tag will go even higher if the new fence expanding the Capitol’s perimeter borders gaslighting the public is kept past March.

The steep estimate will likely present sticker shock to Democrats who whistled past repeated outbursts of so-called social justice riots all last year.

The riots were kicked off by two weeks of carnage in the immediate aftermath of George Floyd’s death and produced a colossal estimated $2 billion in damages during those 14 days alone.

Two weeks of havoc in the nation’s cities exhaustively endorsed, excused, and celebrated by leftists and their allies in the corporate press left the nation with 66 times the devastation than an afternoon of Capitol chaos in January roundly condemned by conservatives and exploited by Democrats.

The $2 billion figure estimated by Property Claims Services (PCS) in September labeling the Floyd riots the most destructive episodes of political violence in recent American history doesn’t include the subsequent outbursts for the remainder of the year, from the more than 100 days of consecutive chaos in Portland to the explosive unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin…

Then-California Sen. Kamala Harris even encouraged supporters to bail out Minneapolis rioters who tried to burn their city to the ground.

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