Alleged Murderer’s Bail Set at Just $1

(Law Enforcement Today) A man who allegedly shot and killed a person in Albany earlier in May, while also allegedly injuring five other people, had his bail set at $1 according to reports.

Officials are pointing to the bail reform laws regarding this extremely low bail amount.

On May 21st, Sharf Addalim was reportedly shot and killed while along the corner of First and Quail Streets in Albany, where reportedly five other people were also injured during the shooting incident.

Police later arrested Jhajuan Sabb for the slaying of Addalim, where Sabb was later charged with second-degree murder. Sabb was said to have been arraigned in the Albany City Court on May 22nd and made a second appearance in court on May 27th.

During that May 27th court appearance, the court clerk claims that the prosecution didn’t move forward with a preliminary hearing and the judge then set Sabb’s bail at $1.

Despite Sabb’s bail only being $1, he’s reportedly still in jail due to him being held in a federal case.

Back in November of 2020, Sabb had reportedly pleaded guilty to threatening to attack the Troy Police Department back in June of 2020 during a planned demonstration.

In that June incident, Sabb had “admitted to making Facebook Live recordings on June 5, 2020 in which he threatened to throw bricks at the Troy Police building and vehicles.  Sabb also threatened to use a vehicle to run over police officers,” according to the Justice Department.

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