Woke Corporations Cancel Mother’s Day Notifications

(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) Several woke corporations embraced extreme virtue signaling, allowing their customers to opt out of receiving messages and notifications regarding the celebration of motherhood and cancel Mother’s Day.

According to a Twitter thread by Arizona Informer, at the end of April, companies such as DoorDash, Kay’s Jewelers, Fry’s Food Stores and Levi’s allowed their patrons to avoid promotional material about Mother’s Day because the leftist companies felt that the holiday and the concept of motherhood may be too “sensitive” for some people.

“We know Mother’s Day and Father’s Day can be sensitive times for some,” Fry’s Food Stores stated. “If you’d like to opt out of our emails and push notifications for these holidays, please tap below.”

Kay’s Jewelers shared the same anti-mother sentiment.

“We know Mother’s Day can be a challenging time, which is why we want to know if you’d rather not receive Mother’s Day-related emails.”

DoorDash also said that Mother’s Day may be “difficult” for someone.

“Click the button below if you’d prefer to be removed from additional emails and push notifications this year,” DoorDash said. Ironically, even Ancestry picked up a trend.

Conservatives on Twitter took issue with the recent leftist narrative, stating that it is one of the many attacks on motherhood and the nuclear family unit, as a whole.

Some people, however, praised the woke companies for their decision because the holiday may indeed be difficult for some people.

“I can’t speak to their reasoning for sending the opt-out emails, but I know that Mother’s Day was extremely difficult for me and Brooklyn following our miscarriage,” one of the Twitter users wrote.

“Sometimes this stuff isn’t ‘woke,’ it can really just be hurtful to those struggling.”

“[I]t’s about common decency that people may have lost their mothers or not have a relationship, and it causes pain,” Twitter user Jeremy Pepper added.

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk pointed out that the opt-out option only applies to things like motherhood, and if a regular person doesn’t want these corporations shoving the propaganda of sexual deviancy for a whole month down one’s throat, nobody cares.

“Brands are bending over backwards to let customers to ‘opt out’ of Mother’s Day. Can we opt out of Pride Month spam too?”