White House Refuses to Release Info about Biden Corruption

(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) A letter from the White House to the House Oversight Committee revealed that the White House officials said that they would not provide evidence to support Joe Biden’s claim that a pair of large payments he received from his brother represented paybacks for loans.

In a letter that was obtained by the Washington Examiner, White House special counsel Richard Sauber wrote that the request for documents to explain $240,000 in checks from James Biden to his brother “concerns a financial transaction between two family members at a time when both individuals were private citizens.”

The news source additionally reported that Sauber refused to answer questions from House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, RKy., about whether Joe had any documents to back up his explanation for the two checks he received from his brother.

The first $40,000 check was from 2017 and the second $200,000 check was from 2018, with both of the checks being labeled as loan repayments.

In a Friday letter to Comer, Sauber cited a claim from Rep. Jamie Raskin, DMd., that suggested the Oversight Committee already has records that prove that the payments were loan repayments, even though a person familiar with the committee’s work said that lawmakers don’t have these records.

“Contrary to the White House’s and Ranking Member Raskin’s claims, nothing within the Oversight Committee’s possession clearly shows that Joe Biden did indeed loan his brother large sums of money. The White House and Democrats have peddled a false narrative instead of providing the loan documents,” the person said.

The payments raised concerns regardless of whether Joe had lent his brother the money because the timing of the checks would suggest his financial standing was directly tied to the fortunes of his family’s business dealings, according to Comer.

In 2017, just weeks after a Chinese company paid money to Hunter Biden, James’s wife wrote the $40,000 check to Joe. Hunter then sent a cut of the money to James.

In 2018, James himself wrote the $200,000 check, just hours after a healthcare company James worked for wired him the same amount.