What “Experts” Keep Getting Wrong About Cruising

(CruiseRadio) In case you haven’t heard, some “experts” out there are saying you won’t be getting back on a cruise ship.

Completely unaware of just how deep the connection is between cruise lovers and the sea, they think the current crisis is going to make it impossible for the lines to bounce back.

An article in The Economist recently claimed that “the industry has few friends and its main customers, the elderly, may shun it for good.”

While that doom-and-gloom tone no doubt plays among folks out there who’ve never cruised and have been inundated with negative stories about the industry in recent weeks, it clings desperately to stereotypes.

For example, the claim that “the elderly” are the industry’s main customers is flat-out false.

Between 2016 and 2018, studies by the Cruise Lines International Association showed that the average age of a cruiser was around 47 years old.

In fact, it appears that many younger people believe so firmly that the industry will bounce back that they are putting their money where their mouth is.

During an interview with CNBC earlier this month, TD Ameritrade’s chief market strategist JJ Kinahan said that his firm was seeing Millenial clients adding Royal Caribbean Cruises Limited (RCL) and Carnival Corp. (CCL) to their portfolios.

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