Unruly Customer Throws Tantrum at McDonald’s Drive-Thru

(New York Post) An irate customer who took issue with his order at a Georgia McDonald’s had a Big Mac-sized meltdown — chucking anything in sight at workers thru the restaurant’s drive-thru window.

The unidentified man, dressed in a Portland Trail Blazers basketball jersey and white bucket hat, can be seen on video reaching into the fast food joint’s drive-thru window and wildly tossing multiple objects toward staff, according to footage released from Waynesboro, Georgia police Monday.

The man grabs and chucks two smaller cup containers and then three larger items the size of garbage containers with the contents spilling out of one of them, the video showed.

At one point, a worker in the footage attempts to prevent the man from causing more havoc to no avail.

Police did not name the fast food joint, but Fox 5 Atlanta reported it to be a McDonald’s.

Cops said he flipped out after “he decided his order wasn’t to his liking … at the drive-thru of one of our local fast food restaurants.”