Trans ‘Woman’ Charged with Drugging and Robbing Florida Men

(Washington Examiner) A Miami transgender woman is charged with strong-arm robbery and grand theft after allegations came forward that she drugged and looted multiple men throughout southern Florida .

John Collins, a 29-year-old biological male who identifies as female, is accused of doping the men and stealing their expensive watches, according to police.

Collins committed multiple robberies over several months in Miami and Miami Beach, police said.

The most recent incident occurred outside a Miami restaurant, where Collins allegedly drugged the victim’s drink until he was nauseated, the police report said.

Collins removed his $30,000 watch and fled the scene, police added.

The exact number of robberies Collins allegedly committed is unknown, but police arrested her in June while driving a rented Porsche, authorities said.

Collins is being detained without bond and charged with grand theft, robbery by sudden snatching, and possession of cocaine.