Texas City Caught Operating Top Secret Camp for Illegals

(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) It was revealed that the city of San Antonio has been operating a top-secret camp for illegals out of an aircraft hangar for eight months.

Insiders said that the facility, which has even been kept hidden from the city’s elected officials, is being paid for by the taxpayer, according to the Daily Mail.

The venue that is currently operating out of an empty hangar at San Antonio Airport has been hosting hundreds of people who were bussed in from the Mexico border daily.

Sources of the Mail also revealed that illegals are spending anywhere from a few hours to a few days there before catching flights across the United States.

In addition to that, concerns have been raised by local human rights activists over the conditions in the warehouse, with adults and children forced to use portable toilets out in the cold.

San Antonio City Councilor Marc Whyte revealed that he learned about the shelter for illegals just weeks ago.

“When I found out about this, I lost my mind. What the hell is going on next to the airport? Any expansion of migrant holding facilities I, of course, am adamantly against,” he said.

The shelter for illegals is currently over capacity, with people sleeping outside in tents and even off on sidewalks near the shelter. This situation led to dozens of illegals sleeping at the airport nightly, which upset residents of San Antonio.

“Earlier this summer and earlier this year, these migrants were all over the airport,” Whyte said.

To keep illegals out of the airport and help alleviate overcrowding at the shelter, the city decided to open the airport facility without telling anyone about it, including even city council members.

There was never a notification that the facility was operational nor did the city council vote to authorize that city tax dollars be spent in this way, the elected official confirmed.

According to the city’ own dashboard of illegals, nearly 400 of them, including women and children, are packed into the hangar every night, even though the building is not meant to house people.

The shelter has been operated by the city of San Antonio since May, as city officials themselves confirmed.