St. Louis DA Refuses to Charge Armed Robbery Suspect Who Tried to Carjack Police Car

(Daily Mail) The St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office refused to file charges against an armed robbery suspect who tried to steal a marked police car and pointed a gun at officers on Saturday.

Police wanted to charge the 27-year-old man, who they did not identify, with first-degree robbery, armed criminal actions, and resisting arrest charges.

Police told DailyMail.com on Tuesday that the man’s identify hasn’t been released due to the charges against the suspect being ‘refused by the Circuit Attorney’s Office, making his identity a closed record.’ 

The Attorney’s Office did not provide a reason why they declined to charge the suspect. 

The office is headed by St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, who was elected on a ‘woke’ platform to not prosecute many misdemeanors and felonies…

Police had submitted paperwork to file several charges against the 27-year-old carjacking suspect – who reportedly has a rap sheet complete with domestic violence and first-degree property damage convictions – after the incident early Saturday morning.

The incident began when officers responded to reported gunshots near South Tucker Boulevard and Chouteau Avenue around 3am. 

Officers, who were in a marked police car, said the man stepped in front of their car as they were moving before pointing a gun through the passenger window in an attempted carjack…

St. Louis has seen crime rates remain static over the past year after a huge rise in violence in 2020 – when the city’s homicide rate increased by nearly 30 per cent, giving the city America’s highest murder rate per capita. 

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