Soros Operative Openly Hopes for America to Be Overthrown and Conquered by Foreign Powers

(Law Enforcement Today) [George] Soros has his paws all over everything that is wrong in this country, between pouring his money into getting radicals elected to district attorney’s offices, bail funds, Black Lives Matter and financially backing the anarchist’s riots taking place across the country.

All of this has been widely reported, except by the mainstream media who denies it. Now, a veteran Soros operative is letting it be known on social media that he hopes a foreign invader overthrows the United States and takes over.

The operative, who describes himself as a “queer atheist” declared as much on his Twitter account.

Zack Ford, the operative is the press secretary for the Alliance for Justice, which is a left-wing special interest group funded in part by the Soros network under the Open Society Foundations. Billionaire Warren Buffett is also a benefactor, as is the Ford Foundation and others.

In his post, Ford said:

“Anybody else feeling like this would be a great time for the U.S. to be conquered? Like not a violent war, just a really peaceful takeover—more like an intervention by all the other friendly democracies out there who’ve been watching what’s been going on here.”  

Could Ford get his way? Well, if Soros and his puppets in the Democrat party get their way, it is possible. The wheels are already in motion to try to screw with the November election, from mass mail-in ballots to ballot harvesting.

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