Russia’s Super Tank — “Most Sophisticated Armored Vehicle Produced” — Has Flushable Toilet

(Daily Mail) Russia has achieved a world first with its latest £3million battle tank which comes complete with a flushable on-board toilet.

The three-man T-14 Armata has been promoted by the Kremlin as the most sophisticated armoured vehicle produced and will bring an end to operators having to relieve themselves in ammunition boxes that have been nicknamed by some soldiers, ‘Putin’s Poo Tins.’

Soldiers can be on duty for days without stopping meaning that a more modern solution to their toilet needs had to be found.  

The tank comes kitted out with state of the art equipment including a 125mm smooth-bore cannon, shell-resistant armour, computer software capable of locking onto targets and two machine guns.

It can also travel at speeds of more than 50mph. 

Speaking to Mirror Online, Ilya Baranov, who works for the defence firm that manufactures the tank said the new addition would remove the hassle associated with going to the toilet.  

Neither U.S. or British tanks currently have working toilets on-board.     

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