PolitiFact’s Parent Company Bribes Journos to Spread Propaganda

(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) The parent company of the fact-checking website PolitiFact used money from far-left activists to bribe journalists with “grants” of $10,000 or more to write about “extremism,” “anti-transgender groups” and the successes of Joe Biden’s budget-busting American Rescue Plan.

The Poynter Institute, which pretends to be a politically neutral group of journalism experts, is using money from the Joyce Foundation, the Gill Foundation and the Catena Foundation to fund classes for journalists across the United States so that they would be taught how to cover topics such as “climate change” and “transgender medical care.”

Some of the participants of these classes will then be paid grants that were bankrolled by the activist foundations to write about particular topics for their bribers, according to the Daily Wire.

The overwhelming majority of the Beat Academy classes have an explicit far-left bias, which mirrors the political beliefs of the funders.

One of these classes, titled “Extremist Politics,” will take place on Feb. 1, 2024, and the participants will “learn how to background candidates for extremist ties,” including on “school boards.”

The next session will take place on Feb. 29, 2024, and the journalists who will attend it will be trained on how to write pro-Biden articles.

The funds will also be used to give journalists a “generous travel grant,” room and board to take 25 journalists on a group trip to the southern border to focus on, “how domestic labor demand and politically-driven immigrant busing expose flaws in the system.”

Journalists will also be taking a subsidized class on “transgender coverage” in April that was titled “Mapping out the landscape of anti-transgender groups and their funders.”

“[A] voting systems [class] expands on our webinars on extremism [to] get the latest on election worker threats [and] zero in on the new rules in your state that might expand or limit the ease of casting a ballot,” a description of another class that will take place in July said.

The last session will focus on convincing all local reporters to push the “climate change” propaganda.

“[The program is] the perfect complement to our earlier Beat Academy session on the impact of federal climate and energy programs on disadvantaged communities,” the Poynter Institute said.