Pizza Hut Sponsors Critical Race Theory Classroom Indoctrination

(The Post Millennial) Pizza Hut and First Book are sponsoring radical critical race theory curriculum that attacks “greedy white men.”

The two are the latest corporations to embrace Big Business wokeness and sponsor a series of critical race theory indoctrination sessions that exposes school-aged children across the United States to radical Marxist teachings.

In the clip above, educator Allison Dempsey introduces herself as a fifth-grade social studies teacher and talks briefly about “inquiry-based learning,” mentioning that “the children guide the learning.”

Dempsey asked one student: “What is the dominant culture, what does the dominant culture do?

The student replied to the teacher, “They make people believe certain stereotypes about certain groups of people, not just blacks, also browned [sic] or indigenous, anybody who’s skin color is darker.”

First Book, which describes itself on YouTube as a channel that “provides educators with the brand new, high-quality books, educational resources, and other essentials needed to help kids learn,” has partnered with Pizza Hut to promote the “Empowering Education: A Convening on Racial Equity in Education” series.

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