Nearly Half of NYC Workers Want to Leave Crime-Ridden City

(The Post Millennial) Nearly half of New York City workers that live in the city’s boroughs said in a recent survey that returning to work following the pandemic “isn’t worth it” due to the criminal lawlessness plaguing the city.

Residents would rather flee the Democrat controlled Big Apple than return to their 9-5 due to “unsafe conditions,” according to the survey conducted by Morning Consult.

Of the 9,386 employees working remotely all or part of the time that responded to the survey, 43 percent cited public safety as their No. 1 concern, followed by 27 percent who cited exposure to COVID-19.

“In order to get people to return to the office, safety needs to be the number 1 priority. I need to feel safe commuting. I need to feel safe walking. I need to overall feel safe about my environment and general surroundings,” a respondent living in Manhattan noted in the survey.

Only 40 percent of employees have returned to their offices in-person full-time, according to the results.

84 percent of New York City-area employees say conditions in the city have worsened over the past two years; with 94 percent saying that not enough is being done to address homelessness and mental illness in the city.

On crime, 85 percent of workers said not enough was being done to address assaults, 77 percent not enough was being done to tackle gun violence, 57 percent said there’s too much shoplifting while 46 percent said there’s lack of enforcement of turnstile jumping.

Only 38 percent of employees are optimistic about the future of the city, while 62 percent say they are pessimistic or unsure.

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