Man Locked Out of Home after Amazon Doorbell Accuses Him of Racism

(Jacob BrunsHeadline USA) An American man was accused of racism by his doorbell, and subsequently shut out of all of the Amazon accounts in his “smart home.”

According to Brandon Jackson’s account of the events, he was locked out of his home by Amazon and its technologies for nearly a week, beginning this past May 25 and continuing until May 31, Revolver reported.

“I finally regained access to my Amazon account after an unexpected and unwarranted lockout that lasted nearly a week, from Thursday, May 25,” Jackson wrote.

“This wasn’t just a simple inconvenience, though. I have a smart home, and my primary means of interfacing with all the devices and automations is through Amazon Echo devices via Alexa.”

After initially getting locked out of his Amazon accounts and all the appliances involved in a smart house, Jackson began investigating Amazon’s reasoning as he tried to regain access.

But upon inquiring with an Amazon executive, it was revealed that the woke corporation believed him to be racist based on recent alleged remarks he made to an Amazon delivery driver.

“When I connected with the executive, they asked if I knew why my account had been locked,” Jackson wrote.

“When I answered I was unsure, their tone turned somewhat accusatory. I was told that the driver who had delivered my package reported receiving racist remarks from my ‘Ring doorbell.’”

Jackson was locked out for his alleged racism without being informed why, and without any investigation on the part of Amazon.

After reviewing the footage, Jackson noticed that the delivery driver had earphones in, and thus must have misheard the doorbell’s automated response of “excuse me, can I help you?”

From that point on, Jackson was locked out of his Amazon accounts, and his Alexa was disabled.