Man Arrested after Putting Biden ‘I Did That’ Decals on Gas Pumps

(Alex TienHeadline USA) As gas prices continue to inflict severe pain on Americans’ wallets, patriots across the country have been harmlessly poking fun at the man seen as most responsible for the increase: President Joe Biden.

Over the past few months, more and more stickers of a smirking Biden have emerged on gas pumps, showing uncle Joe pointing at the price with the quote “I did that!”

In Pennsylvania, one man who became tired of the high prices, was caught putting some of these stickers on the pumps and proceeded to have a nasty confrontation with local police officers.

Thomas Richard Glazewski of Manor Township was charged on April 4 for resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, harassment and criminal mischief.

Recording the incident on Facebook, a bystander posted a number of videos and photos and stated, “This guy stuck stickers on a gas pump, got yelled at by a clerk for doing so and went crazy afterwards.”

“F*** you,” Glazewski is heard yelling while flailing his arms at police.

He then ran toward the pump, screaming, “I did that! That’s what I did!” copying the message seen on the stickers placed on gas pumps across the nation.

Glazewski was then tackled and handcuffed by an officers. He was then forcefully put into the back of the squad car.

Glazewski’s doings are part of a nationwide protest against Biden’s soaring inflation and overall cost of living prices.

Under the Trump administration, gas prices stayed stable and relatively low. By comparison, under Biden, prices have steadily risen to the point where the national average is $4.12 a gallon.