Maker of Puberty Blockers Funded Original Study that Promoted Gender Transitions for Children

(The Post Millennial) A Dutch investigative report has revealed that the 2006 study upon which the entire medical experiment of child sex changes is based was funded by a maker of puberty blockers.

The NRC article, published on Dec 31, takes aim at the treatment approach known as the “Dutch protocol,” which involves blocking the puberty of adolescents who are suffering from gender dysphoria and forms the basis for the “gender-affirming care” model adopted by pediatric gender clinics all over the world.

But according to investigative journalist Jan Kuitenbrouwer and media sociologist Peter Vasterman, authors of the NRC article, the “scientific underpinnings of the Dutch protocol turn out to be pretty shaky.”

The research that is always cited as justification for clinics adopting the “affirmative model of care” and fast-tracking children onto these harmful, experimental drugs consists of one Dutch study, with results published in 2011 and 2014. This research followed 55 children first treated with puberty blockers and then with cross-sex hormones who reported positive results 18 months later. 

As stated in the article, this study has been discredited numerous times due to the lack of a control group, the number of participants who were lost to follow-up, the short follow-up period, and certain other key methodological flaws. Stella O’Malley, co-founder of Genspect, recently called the decision not to offer regular follow-ups for this cohort “extraordinary to the point of suspicious.”

One of the participants in this landmark study even died from the complications of so-called “gender-affirming” surgery…

In 2018, Transgender Trend, a group that has been at the forefront of campaigning for evidence-based care in gender clinics, published a blog post revealing that the “Amsterdam clinic was financially supported in its experimental project to block puberty in gender dysphoric adolescents by a pharmaceutical company which stood to make commercial gains from their new protocol.”