Leftists Outraged after Libs of TikTok Removed from ADL’s ‘Extremism’ Blacklist

(Karen Freeman, Headline USALibs of TikTok founder Chaya Raichik fought back and claimed at least a temporary victory this week after a hit piece from USA Today got the social-media account and its owner blacklisted by the Anti-Defamation League.

However, the popular anti-woke meme site’s removal from the ADL’s “Glossary of Extremism and Hate” has left many on the Left livid, according to Blaze Media.

The ADL added Libs of TikTok to the list after USA Today asserted that Raichik was responsible for countless bomb threats and harassment of those in the LGBT community.

Raichik maintained her opposition to violence and that there was no proof any of the reported threats came from Libs of TikTok followers.

Curiously, Gannett’s flagship newspaper is not the first leftist media outlet to pursue a hit-piece on Raichik, who previously called out the George Soros-funded VICE News for a similar attack in October. 

While it is unclear if those efforts were coordinated, both may have originated in talking points issued from the far-left propagandist orgazination Media Matters for America, which also has longstanding ties to Soros.

Raichik quickly responded to the ADL’s actions by threatening legal action for—ironically enough, given the organization’s name—defamation.

The ADL quickly removed the entry but stressed the deletion was only “temporary” according to ADL’s chief legal officer, Steven Sheinberg.

It nontheless maintained its claim that the Libs of TikTok founder was an “anti-LGBT extremist.”

Other far-left activist groups, including LGBTQNation, likewise characterized Raichik as a terrorist while citing the baseless smear attack to support their claims in an attempt to damage her reputation and compel others to cancel her.

“Chaya Raichik, the former Brooklyn real estate agent turned anti-LGBTQ+ activist behind the LibsofTikTok social media accounts, celebrated a USA Today exposé linking her posts to incidents of harassment and even bomb threats at schools, libraries, and hospitals,” it wrote in an unhinged article on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, some leftists lashed out at the ADL for its decision to back off when faced with a losing lawsuit that could potentially humiliate the powerful Jewish watchdog and pro-censorship lobbying group, which is already overextended by the rise of anti-Semitism following the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas.

One Twitter user, Right Wing Cope, accused the of “absolutely cowardly behavior.”

Another account, Eyes on the Right, called the decision, “absolute chickensh*t.”