Las Vegas Man Arrested After Making Animal Sacrifices at Brothel

(Las Vegas Review-Journal) A Las Vegas man was arrested after he admitted to police that he performed animal sacrifices at a brothel in the northeast valley, documents show.

Said Rodriguez-Rodriguez was charged with conspiracy to commit sex trafficking and sex trafficking of an adult, according to court documents.

Officers were investigating a possible brothel near North Nellis and East Charleston boulevards for nearly six months after seeing ads in local Latin newspapers for what was suspected to be prostitution, according to a Metropolitan Police Department arrest report released Thursday.

Detectives spoke to women suspected of working in the house and men suspected of paying the women for sex to confirm the home was being used as a brothel where five women worked, police said in the report.

One woman told police that when she lost her job in March she started working at the house because she thought they offered massages.

“(The woman) said she was under the impression she would only do massages but was later told by another female she would have to have sex with the males,” according to the police report. “(She) said she felt uncomfortable but stayed because she needed the money.”

Police observed Rodriguez-Rodriguez sitting outside in his car during the day while men went into the house. The woman told police he performs the “brujeria,” or witchcraft and the women called him “El Padrino.”

A woman who police said runs the house, later identified as Jazmin Russo-Martinez, told the girls she spoke to dead people and if they stopped working for her they would die.

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