‘Justice for Ashli Babbitt’ Legal Fund Launched

(Gateway Pundit) The attorney representing Ashi Babbit’s husband launched a legal fund this week to litigate the District of Columbia in an effort finally obtain long-awaited answers in Babbitt’s cold-blooded murder.

Donations made to the GiveSendGo “Justice For Ashli Babbitt Legal Fund” will be used to offset fees to consultants with experts in use of force, police procedure, security and computer forensic analysis, medical professionals, and other forensic and technological specialties. 

The Babbit family attorney, Terrel Roberts, anticipates the expenses will amount to $500,000 to $700,000.

As 35-year old Babbitt climbed through a broken window of the Capitol building on Jan. 6, she was shot in the left shoulder by a plainclothes Capitol police officer inside the Speaker’s Lobby fatally. The unarmed Trump supporter subsequently fell back into the hallway and died as rioters continued to storm through a barricaded doorway.

The murder of Ashli Babbitt, the 35-year old Air Force veteran killed by an unidentified law enforcement officer, remains a mystery.

Unlike police-related shootings around the nation, the anti-Trump media has not demanded transparency for the veteran’s death.

In April, Ashi’s husband, Aaron Babbit, filed a FOIA request with the MPD to obtain the name of the officer who killed his wife, Capitol Police communications, witness and officer statements, the attorney’s fees and litigation costs. The MPD ignored a May 12 deadline to comply and neglected to state its decision refusing to release the materials.

On June 2, Roberts, filed a District of Columbia Freedom of Information ACT suit in the Washington, DC Superior Court demanding disclosure of the identity of the USCP lieutenant that killed Ashli along with the 14,000 hours of surveillance video.

Babbitt’s GiveSendGo fundraiser has raised [$63,000] of its $500,000 goal at the time of this publication.

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