Journalist Bullies Target Employee, Calls Police over $.01 Price Tag

(ReclaimTheNet) Twitter users are showing their support for a Target manager named “Tori” after reporter David Leavitt called the police and attempted to publicly shame her for refusing to sell him a toothbrush for $0.01.

Leavitt found the toothbrush in a Massachusetts Target store which appeared to have been mislabeled with a $0.01 price tag. When Tori refused to sell it to him for $0.01, he posted her name and photo to his 200,000+ Twitter followers, accused Target of violating Massachusetts Item Pricing Law, and called the police.

Leavitt then threatened to take Tori and Target to court over the incident and added that “he has not been able to afford to go to a dentist in over three years.”

Shortly after Leavitt’s toothbrush-related Twitter outburst, Twitter users pointed out that Leavitt has a history of attempting to shame retail employees on Twitter over price matches.

Meme maker Carpe Donktum also set up a GoFundMe to send Tori on vacation which passed its $5,000 target in just a few hours.

Beyond being sympathetic towards Tori for having to deal with Leavitt, some Twitter users are suggesting she should sue while others are recommending that Target give her a raise and extra vacation time.

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