Home Depot Worker, 82, ‘Brutalized’ by Thief Stealing Cart Full of Power Tools

(Fox News) An 82-year-old Home Depot employee in North Carolina was “brutalized” Tuesday when a suspect stealing a cart full of power tools shoved the worker to the ground as he walked out of the store, authorities said.

The grand larceny happened on Tuesday at a Home Depot location in Hillsborough, located about 38 miles northwest of Raleigh, the Hillsborough Police Department said Wednesday.

“We need YOUR help in identifying this guy before somebody else gets hurt,” the department wrote in a Facebook post.

Video shows the worker confront the hoodie-wearing suspect as he wheels a cart of Ryobi power tools out of the store. The suspect uses his arm to shove the elderly man, who falls to the ground and appears to hit his head on a flowerpot. 

The worker appears to struggle to sit up and grabs his right leg as he remains on the ground.

The extent of the 82-year-old worker’s injuries was not immediately known.