Grinch-in-Chief Spreading Holiday Inflation Misery

(Molly BrunsHeadline USA) A recently-released survey revealed that almost half of US consumers will be spending less this holiday season due to skyrocketing inflation triggered by the Biden administration’s disastrous policies.

According to Breitbart, 48.2% of 1,100 of surveyed American consumers “will spend less money due to inflation during the holiday shopping season in 2022,” and 20.9% said they expect to spend more than previous years.

Gifts appear to be most affected by inflation, with 49%, followed by electronics, clothing, food and beauty products.

When survey takers were asked about their biggest concerns for their upcoming holiday shopping spree, 56.4% said inflation, 46.4% expressed concerns for personal funding and 41.8% are apprehensive about “item stock.”

Only 20% of those surveyed expressed concern over COVID this holiday season.

Another recent survey found that a quarter of Americans planned to skip Thanksgiving festivities altogether, with 20% of those planning to celebrate the holiday unsure if they will be able to celebrate at their normal par.

According to the Biden administration, inflation is currently “moderating,” despite American citizens feeling the consistent pressure of rising prices in all areas.

The American Farm Bureau Federation’s survey of average prices for a typical Thanksgiving dinner beg to differ, with a holiday’s feast for 10 people rising by 20% in the last year.

The average Thanksgiving feast in 2022 costs $62.05; a $10 increase from 2021’s average of $53.31.

General inflation has been running between 7% and 9%, with an estimated 12% increase for food consumed at home.

The Biden administration claims that inflation is under control, but many of the moves it has made have had the opposite effect. The administration’s $400 billion Inflation Reduction Act, with a majority of funding for a radical Green New Deal, has nothing nothing to help quell soaring prices, as most financial experts had predicted.

Biden’s attempt at cancelling $10,000 worth of student loans per borrower—a plan which has stalled as it circulates through the courts—has only hurt Americans as they are forced to cover more of the government’s debt so young college graduates can buy more luxury items.

The recent boost in Social Security, meant to bribe elderly voters on the way into midterms, has also cost citizens more money as the administration promises more handouts.

Another recent survey found that inflation under Biden has left at least 25% of Americans unable to pay their bills on time.