Goldman Sachs Instructs Employees to Refer to Each Other as “Ze,” “Zir,” “Zem”

(Headline Wealth) Goldman Sachs is known for dealing in an alphabet soup of financial derivative products. It is now pushing “Ze,” “Zir,” and “Zem” — not as ticker symbols but as examples of transgender and gender-neutral pronouns the Wall Street mega-bank wants employees to recognize.

It’s all part of Goldman CEO David Solomon’s public devotion to “diversity” — and part of a larger “woke capital” agenda that has seen the nation’s largest corporations embrace radical progressive politics.

Last Friday, Goldman Sachs released a document called “Bringing Your Authentic Self to Work: Pronouns.” It begins, “Our commitment to creating and sustaining a diverse and inclusive work environment is absolute.”

Not dogmatic and heavy-handed, mind you, just “absolute”!

Goldman provides the following examples of gender-neutral language for the uninitiated:

Gender-Neutral: Ze / Zir (Zem) /  Zirs (Zes) / Zirself (Zemself)

  • Ze went to the store.
  • I spoke with zir / zem.
  • The apple was zirs / zes.

And the following “Tips for Being an Inclusive Ally”:

  • Pronouns should not be assumed by someone’s name or gender expression (i.e. physical appearance).
  • Made a mistake? Don’t make a big deal out of it or draw extra attention to it; instead, make a swift apology and use the correct pronoun(s) moving forward.
  • Practice using gender-neutral pronouns on your own time. Feeling comfortable with these terms does not happen immediately and can require concerted effort.
  • Recognize that some people go by multiple sets of pronouns, while others may choose to only use their name and eschew pronouns completely.
  • It is usually acceptable to use the “They / Them” pronoun set when referring to someone who has not expressly stated their pronouns.
  • Proactively share your pronouns to foster an environment of respect and awareness (ex: “Hi, I’m Karen! My pronouns are she/ hers. Welcome to the team!”).