Fentanyl Pills Disguised as Candy Pouring across Southern Border

(Chris ParkerHeadline USA) Fentanyl pills disguised as fun, rainbow-colored candy have been pouring into the US along the southern border, as cartels take ruthless advantage of the Biden administration’s open borders agenda.

In a glaring example of what is likely being smuggled into American cities on a regular basis without detection, upwards of 265,000 of the candy-colored fentanyl pills were seized at Nogales Port of Entry at the US-Mexico border in Arizona, reported the Daily Wire.

A day before finding 15,000 fentanyl pills strapped to a person’s leg, law enforcement on Tuesday seized a car that contained 250,000 pills, 11 pounds of heroin, and 10 pounds of methamphetamine.

The problem appears to be nationwide, as similar candy-colored fentanyl pills have been found in Washington, D.C., since early 2021.

“My biggest concern, and I think the biggest concern of DEA nationwide, is that the pills seem to be marketed specifically to a younger age group,” Jennifer Lofland, field intelligence manager for the Washington division, said during an interview with Fox 5 D.C.

“Some of the multi-colored pills that we’ve been testing in our labs recently, particularly a recent batch that appeared to be children’s chewable vitamins, were tested by our lab as containing both fentanyl and methamphetamine.”

A lax immigration policy that allows cartels easy access across the border is largely to blame, and Republicans laid direct responsibility on the Biden administration.

Several pounds of similar candy-colored fentanyl pills were also recently found at a home in Oregon. Those units were larger and more closely resembled sidewalk chalk.

“Deputies are particularly concerned about rainbow fentanyl getting into the hands of young adults or children, who mistake the drug for something else, such as candy or a toy, or those who may be willing to try the drug due to its playful coloring,” the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office said in a press release.

It’s difficult to track just how many narcotics are crossing the southern border, as the US Border Patrol is increasingly overwhelmed by the influx of illegal immigrants. Many agents now only parole migrants with few options to hold them accountable.

They have also resorted to enlisting the help of civilians.