Farmers Fight Climate Change Tyranny

(Molly BrunsHeadline USA) Farmers in the Netherlands have conducted several large demonstrations against radical plans—pushed by climate activists—to cut nitrogen and ammonia emissions.

Farmers used their tractors to block highways in many parts of the country, and set fires near the town halls of a few cities in the Central Netherlands, Western Journal reported.

Closer to the capital city of Amsterdam, a truck dumped huge plastic-wrapped bails of hay on a stretch of highway causing a massive traffic jam.

Dutch authorities have attempted to warn drivers of the roadblocks as tens of thousands of farmers—mainly in the central part of the country—gathered to protest the emission policies.

Farmers even brought cows to the Dutch House of Representatives building in the nation’s capitol. Farmers threatened to slaughter the livestock if the government adopted the nitrogen emissions cutback plan.

“If the nitrogen measures are adopted, one of these two ladies will not go home, but will receive a one-way ticket to the slaughterhouse,” Dutch farmer Koos Cromwijk told local news agency ANP.

There were also clashes with police officers outside of the home of Cabinet Minister Christianne van der Wal, who oversaw the pollution reforms.

Protesters smeared the street outside of her private home with manure.

There was also an attempt to block the Dutch-German border, causing a traffic jam until the politicians addressed their concerns.

In response to the protests, the Dutch cabinet is considering outlawing protests outside of private homes of politicians. There has been no news of them reconsidering their radical climate activism.

Protesting started after lawmakers ordered reductions in nitrogen oxides and ammonia by up to 70% in areas near protected nature regions.

The government has assigned $25.6 billion to fund agricultural reforms, which are intended to help cut down the number of livestock or get rid of their animals altogether.