Dr. Siegel Implores Trump: ‘Please Don’t Sign Anything’ That Restores WHO Funding

(Mediaite) Fox News’ Tucker Carlson told viewers Friday night that the Trump administration may keep funding the World Health Organization after announcing a halt to that funding last month.

“They did this, as the president explained, because the World Health Organization badly mishandled and lied about the coronavirus pandemic and of course is nauseatingly subservient to the government of China,” Carlson said.

He went on to report on an apparent draft letter in the White House that would restore the funding and that “we are told the president has agreed to sign the letter if he hasn’t already.”

“It would be interesting to know who convinced him to do that,” Carlson remarked.

Carlson, after taking another shot at Dr. Anthony Fauci for past comments of his praising the head of the WHO, brought on Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel to react.

Siegel, after knocking Fauci a bit as well, went on to send a message to the president not to sign letter:

“I have a message for President Trump tonight, please don’t sign anything that restores funding to the World Health Organization before there is a huge overhaul of the World Health Organization.”

He went off on WHO leadership and even said at one point, “I think this is an unbelievable disgrace. The World Health Organization aided and abetted the spread of this virus around the world. Look at what’s happening in the United States, China allowed this virus to spread to Europe and onto the United States.”

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