DOJ Gave Millions to Soros-Tied Organizations in 2021

(Headline USA) The Biden Justice Department awarded millions of dollars to charities linked to Soros-backed district attorneys last year, according to Just The News.

The Urban Peace Institute, for example, which has claimed credit for Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon’s soft-on-crime policies, received a $1 million grant from the DOJ’s Bureau of Justice Assistance in 2021. The organization has praised Gascon for scaling back cash bail, refusing to prosecute low-level crimes, such as theft, and eliminating sentencing enhancements for violent criminals.

One of UPI’s co-founders, Connie Rice, is financially tied to leftist billionaire leftist kingmaker George Soros’s Open Society Foundations, which has poured more than $3.2 million into one of her other charities, the Advancement Project, which aims to “combat the systemic racism of the criminal legal system.”

The Justice Department’s Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation Program also gave a $1 million grant to the Center for Court Innovation, a Soros-funded charity that partners with leftist Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who recently instructed his office to stop seeking prison time for a number of criminal offenses. The grant was awarded to fund the center’s project to address “street drug use activity” and “territorial gang violence.”

Both the Urban Peace Institute and the Center for Court Innovation have endorsed radical anti-cop, soft-on-crime policies, including ending the use of and defunding police in schools, defunding local police departments and reallocating those funds to improve “community health,” and more.

Gascon is facing a recall effort and vote of no-confidence for his failed policies that have contributed to Los Angeles’s recent crime wave. Bragg, too, is facing criticism for incentivizing crime by getting rid of the consequences for committing one.