Diversity Training at Vanguard Tells White Men to Accept ‘Uncomfortable’ Criticism

(Molly BrunsHeadline USA) Asset management giant Vanguard hosted diversity training, telling white men to be prepared to be “uncomfortable” and be prepared to be held “accountable.”

Vanguard, which manages over $7 trillion in assets, hosted the event in an attempt to signal their commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, Daily Wire reported.

A consultant was brought in to teach the class, which was titled “The Critical Lever: Engaging White Male Managers in Advancing Diversity and Inclusion.”

“Unless you are actively including, you are likely accidentally excluding,” Laura Sherbin, managing director at diversity consulting firm Seramount, told more than 2,000 employees, the footage shows.

Sherbin described the session as an attempt to “ensure… white male managers are actively included in the DEI conversation.”

Sherbin presented results from a survey indicating that white male managers have a desire to push for diversity on their teams but are unsure on how to proceed.

She recommended that the company provide “expectations for DEI prioritization,” and “clarty on how both senior leaders and middle managers will and should be held accountable” for failure to meet the standards.

One possible mechanisim for accoutnability would be “performance management process[es] and feedback channels… just like [they] do for business results.”

White male managers were also encouraged to become aware of their personal bias and accept criticism “even if it’s uncomfortable,” and learn “how to engage and interrupt bias, exclusion and microaggressions.”