Deadly Unrest Delivers Record Cash Windfall to Racial Grievance Industry

(Headline Wealth) Making accusations of “systemic racism” for a living has never been more lucrative. Groups that specialize in stirring up racial animus (SPLC, NAACP, ADL, BLM, and many others) are now cashing in on the national hysteria they helped manufacture.

They evidently don’t care as much about saving black lives (or any lives) as much as they do about pushing a racial grievance/guilt narrative that consistently pays out for them. Consider: The riots triggered by George Floyd’s death have already claimed more lives (20+) than the total number of unarmed black men killed by police officers last year.

Among all black murder victims, 92% are killed by black perpetrators. But black-on-black violence can’t be exploited for donations in the way that inducing white guilt can.

Here’s what the Financial Times (June 7, 2020) found: “A Financial Times review of statements from US companies found more than $450m in pledges to groups focused on social and racial justice…”

“Walmart and its foundation promised to put $100m into a new racial equity centre; Warner Music and Sony Music announced $100m funds with few details attached; and Nike pledged $40m to various organisations.” 

“Amazon, Facebook, Google and Spotify announced donations of $10m or more, with Apple giving undisclosed amounts to groups including the Equal Justice Initiative. Goldman Sachs, Target, United Health and Verizon’s foundation each gave $10m.” 

“Jacob Harold, executive vice-president of Candid, which studies non-profits and foundations, said it had tracked $232m in donations to racial equity groups since Floyd’s death — almost as much as they receive in a typical year.”

Meanwhile, most charities have been struggling: “The influx has come as the Covid-19 pandemic has plunged charities into crisis. After a decade of growth, many have seen donations collapse, their investments shaken and demand for their services soar.” 

By contrast, cash flows have never been better if you’re a “black” or “civil rights” or “social justice” charity: “Beyond larger civil rights organisations, such as Black Lives Matter and the NAACP, the giving has filtered down to smaller groups, who said they had seen a huge spike in online donations as well as offers of corporate money and partnerships.”

“The Black Voters Matter Fund raised more than $200,000 in a week, raking in roughly 500 times its typical number of daily contributions. ‘We’re still wrapping our heads around it,’ said Alexis Buchanan, its development manager.”