Cox Heir Using $250M Fortune to Build Militant Communist Compound in Berkshires

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) James “Fergie” Chambers, the tattooed heir of the cable and internet provider, Cox Enterprises, has been using his personal fortune to build a communist compound in rural western Massachusetts, the Free Press reported.

Chambers—the ungrateful son of Atlanta Hawks owner Jim Chambers—inherited an estimated $250 million following the death of his grandmother, Anne Cox Chambers, in January 2020.

Like many descendants of the ultra-rich in America, the 38-year-old has turned his back on the capitalist system that gave his family its fortune.

But unlike others, the man with a Joseph Stalin tattoo on his thigh has spent much of his cash attempting to create a communist indoctrination camp.

“I spent a lot of money so this would be done right the first time,” Chambers said, lamenting the early struggles of his project, which is taking place near the 600-person town of Alford, Massachussetts, tucked away in the Berkshire Mountains.

Chambers has articulated his vision of the future online, promoting violence against the rich in order to initiate a communist revolution.

“There is nothing more disgusting than rich people who do nothing to undermine the material position of their own class vaguely calling for peace and love,” he wrote. “It gives me actual bloodlust.”

The radical commune, however, has frightened Chambers’s equally neighbors—many of whom, while not the scions of a major media corporation, still live comfortably enough to become the first victims in his neo-Bolshevik revolution.

“A lot of people are just scared,” one resident said, alluding to some of Chambers’s posts online.

Another said that residents are “frightened” to leave their homes. “It’s chilling,” he added.

Residents are so concerned about Chambers’s social media threats that they informed District Attorney Tim Shugrue’s office, which acknowledged an awareness of Chambers’s posts and said that Shugrue is “actively communicating with local law enforcement and community leaders regarding Chambers’s behavior.”

Chambers also has an anti-Semitic streak, vowing to, with his comrades, “make Zionists afraid.”

“We need to start making people who support Israel actually afraid to go out in public,” he wrote on Instagram last month.

His desire is to make “white America afraid” that everything they have “is going to be burned to the ground.”

Some of his most radical statements can be found in his Substack manifesto titled Combat Liberalism, which purports to aim at deconstructing liberalism, capitalism and imperialism by targeting the American middle class.