Costco Worker Is Being PRAISED After Booting Shopper Who Refused to Wear a Mask

(Business Insider) The internet is praising a Costco worker after he told a customer who refused to wear a mask while shopping to leave the store.

A video that was shared online by the shopper, and that later went viral, shows the standoff between the Costco worker and this member. The worker explains in the video clip that he asking the customer to wear the mask because “this is company policy.”

The shopper then responds: “And I am not wearing the mask because this is a free country.”

“Yes. It’s a free country. To explain what that means: #Costco has the right to require that customers wear masks (or shoes or shirts). The customer has the right to shop somewhere else if they don’t wish to put on a mask. The customer does NOT have the right to ignore the rules,” one Twitter user wrote in response to the video. 

“Go #Costco and love this guy! Thank you!  Wear a mask,” another wrote.

As of May 4, Costco has required all of its members to wear masks when shopping in its stores to protect both workers and customers’ safety, as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendation.

But despite this, its new policy has led to much debate online with some shoppers calling for a boycott of the warehouse chain because of these new rules. 

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