CNN Complains About Surging Firearms Sales Across the Country

(Headline Wealth) As businesses around the country shutter and millions of workers lose their jobs in the coronavirus crisis, there are a few bright spots in an otherwise gutted economy.

For example, Walmart’s shares are surging as people rush to buy basic essentials. Precious metals dealers are being overwhelmed by demand for gold and silver coins. And gun shops are seeing a surge in firearms sales.

CNN is none too pleased that Americans are exercising their Second Amendment rights to buy guns and ammo. It published an editorial Thursday titled “Buying a gun isn’t the answer to coronavirus.”

Authors Igor Volsky and Joseph Sakran complain:

Americans are responding to the growing coronavirus pandemic by stocking up on essentials like toilet paper, eggs, milk — and deadly guns and ammunition. But all of that firepower is likely to do more harm than good, as Americans continue to grapple with the anxiety and uncertainty ahead.

Across the country, firearm shops are reporting a boom in sales, as customers line up to buy ammunition, handguns, shotguns, rifles — and even the deadliest of assault weapons.

Indeed, as one New York Times story phrased it, the FBI has processed “more background checks in February than it had done in all but two other months.” Online websites like Ammo.com are also reporting a 68% increase in sales over the last month.

But doomsday preppers and gun enthusiasts aren’t the only ones buying the nation’s gun and ammo inventory. Anecdotal reports from gun shop owners suggest that first-time purchasers are also getting in on the action.

CNN is clearly concerned that one of the side effects of the Chinese virus could not only be a better-armed populace…but a deepening and broadening pro-Second Amendment electorate that will turn out in November.