CNN Boss Reportedly Forced to Hire Private Security after Slashing Jobs

(Mark PellinHeadline USA) The possible reaction of CNN employees who were fired during a pre-Christmas round of sweeping cuts reportedly compelled network CEO Chris Litch to post security guards outside his office and shadow his movements during the layoff announcements.

The new CNN chief commenced the purge last week, releasing hundreds of employees from all segment’s of the media titan’s workforce, in response to plummeting revenue and plunging viewership.

Some of the big-name cuts included CNN mainstays from the network’s pool of on-air talent and contributors like Chris Cillizza, Paul Begala, Preet Bharara, Dan Merica and Alison Kosik. Also on the chopping block was the whole of CNN’s HLN spinoff and its entire staff, including anchor Robin Meade.

To avoid any potential confrontations with embittered employees, Licht brought in extra security not only to be posted outside his office, but also to follow him throughout the day, according to Puck News media and entertainment reporter Dylan Byers.

Outside of the special security, which CNN is denying, Licht reportedly informed CNN staffers that he intended to keep his office door open during the rounds of layoffs so employees could speak to him directly. Some workers apparently took up the offer to drop by, Puck reported, but most ignored it.

“What were we supposed to talk about?” one staffer who survived the cuts said.

The alleged open-door policy came with a twist of added security, according to CNN staffers who saw the increased presence.

“Some CNN sources who passed by Licht on Thursday did notice the presence of multiple security guards standing outside of the conference room, and at least one walking around with Licht as he moved about the floor,” Puck reported.

CNN denied numerous reports that surfaced of extra security being hired to patrol the staff bloodletting, claiming that any security guards seen posted outside Litch’s office were part of normal operations, according to Mediate.