Billionaire Koch Urges Congress to Pass Amnesty, Increase Immigration

(Breitbart) Billionaire GOP mega-donor Charles Koch is urging elected Republicans and Democrats to pass amnesty for illegal aliens and increase legal immigration levels, even as 24.5 million Americans remain jobless or underemployed.

Koch, in an op-ed with Brian Hooks of Stand Together, writes that Republicans and Democrats should “come together” to give amnesty to the roughly 11 to 22 million illegal aliens living in the United States and increase legal immigration levels beyond the 1.2 million green cards given to foreign nationals annually.

Koch writes:

Whether it’s a path to legal status for undocumented immigrants, including Dreamers who were brought to America as children, improving the visa system or improving border security, lasting progress will require congressional action by both political parties.

Like the First Step Act of 2019, for which Koch’s network of donor class organizations lobbied heavily to support, Koch states that an amnesty coupled with increases to the number of foreign workers that America’s working and middle class are forced to compete against can be a bipartisan “victory.”

In recent years, Koch has donated thousands to super PACs that lobby lawmakers to expand legal immigration levels, pass amnesty, and support free trade that helps offshore American jobs. The Koch Industries PAC poured nearly $1.4 million into Republican campaigns this past election cycle.

Koch’s push for amnesty and more legal immigration comes as House Democrats are reportedly drafting an amnesty plan and a handful of Senate Republicans discuss an amnesty for a portion of illegal aliens.

Democrat Joe Biden has said he will send an amnesty package to the Senate in his first 100 days…

The donor class, Wall Street investors, and big business profit hugely from the policy as they cut profit-margins by reducing the cost of labor and can increasingly sell necessities to a constant inflow of new consumers.

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