Biden Administration Burdens Americans with $201 Billion in Hidden Taxes

(Brad Polumbo, Foundation for Economic Education) President Biden campaigned on moderation and a “return to normal.” Yet, on the regulatory front, the Biden administration has been far more aggressive than previous administrations—both Republican and Democratic. At least, that’s the finding of a new report from the center-right American Action Forum (AAF). 

Analysts Dan Goldbeck and Dan Bosch reviewed President Biden’s first year in charge. They found that through regulatory actions and executive orders, this administration imposed more than $201 billion in regulatory costs—and 131 million hours of new annual paperwork on Americans.

That’s nearly 40 times more costs imposed than during President Trump’s first year. Yet in perhaps a more apt comparison of presidents from the same party, the report finds that Biden’s regulatory expenses are even three times greater than those incurred during Obama’s first year. 

Why are Biden’s regulatory costs skyrocketing? Well, AAF notes that the massive increase under Biden was largely fueled by one uber-expensive regulation regarding greenhouse gas emission standards for automobiles. This example highlights why Americans should care about all of this. After all, aren’t regulations just imposed on businesses?

Not so fast. 

While the paperwork might officially regulate General Motors, it is customers who ultimately bear much of this multi-billion-dollar burden via higher prices. In pursuing its “green” agenda via regulatory fiat, the Biden administration is imposing hidden/indirect taxes on American families.

Yet, as AAF’s data show, this isn’t a unique aspect of Joe Biden’s presidency. While it ebbs and flows under different presidents, the regulatory state continues to grow and expand.

Americans should be well aware that these incursions come with direct costs for them even if their tax bill doesn’t go up on paper. 

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