Baltimore Slides into Socio-Economic Chaos Amid Rash Of Gun Violence

(ZeroHedge) Baltimore City continues to slide into a socio-economic mess, with wealth inequality at record highs and violent crime surging. 

Local news WJZ 13 reports Baltimore’s homicide rate is outpacing the 2020 rate. As of June 2, the city has reported 138 homicides, compared to 130 this time last year. Non-fatal shootings have also been on the rise, 269 so far, compared to 230 this time last year. 

After a bloody weekend, newly elected Mayor Brandon Scott issued a statement

“The gun violence witnessed this weekend shows us that there are cowards among us who are willing to take a life, no matter how small or insignificant the beef. We must hold them accountable and rid our streets of the weapons they use to take our daughters and sons away from us. I will be meeting with Commissioner Harrison to discuss what changes need to happen for the Baltimore Police Department to have a greater immediate impact on this violence. I will also be determining what other agencies can bring to the table to bolster these efforts.”

This all comes as Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby halted prosecuting minor traffic violations, prostitution, drug possession, and other minor offenses during the virus pandemic. In March, she held a press conference to declare rough policing doesn’t work to prevent more violent crimes. 

But months later, perhaps Mosby’s grand experiment is failing as Baltimore’s spending board approves police funding hikes. 

Notice homicides by cause of death are primarily shootings and increase during warmer months. 

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