Arizona Realtor Arrested and Fired from Job After Hurling N-word

(MEAWW) An Arizona Realtor has been arrested after a video of him accosting two young black men outside his condo building with racist language went viral over on the Internet. The realtor is not just behind the bars now but also got fired from his job.

The incident that happened on Friday, October 23, went viral online during the weekend, after Paul Ng asked two black men, including 25-year-old YouTuber Andre ‘Dre’ Abram, “Why they are taking pictures outside his building” before he starts using racial slurs at them. 

In the video, Ng can be seen walking towards the two black men and then asking them what they’re doing.

“Why are you coming over here?” Abram asks Ng.

“I just want to see what you guys are taking pictures of,” Ng replies.

“Why is it your business?” Abram says.

“Because this is a no-(N-word) zone,” Ng replies, hurling the racial slur.

Abram later posted the encounter video on social media and in no time it went viral leading to Ng’s arrest on charges of “disorderly conduct.”

Ng, who used to work at Russ Lyon Sotheby’s Real Estate Agency in Scottsdale, also got fired from his job for his “extremely hateful and racist” comments on the footage, the firm said in a statement Monday.

“Upon learning of this video, we took immediate action in severing his license, terminating his involvement with us effective immediately and condemning his disgusting behavior,” the statement read. 

According to police records, Ng told police that he had been looking out for the safety of his family and neighborhood and was worried about rioting, 12News reported

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