Apple Tells Taiwan Suppliers to Use ‘Made in China’ Label

(Chris ParkerHeadline USA) Apple reportedly has told its Taiwanese suppliers to comply with Chinese customs regarding country of origin, meaning that Apple products manufactured in Taiwan will now need to include the label “Made in Taiwan, China,” or “Chinese Taipei.”

In other words, the labels must identify Taiwan as a region of China.

The change follows Nancy Pelosi‘s recent trip to Taiwan, a visit that defied the White House’s recommendations and drew heavy criticism from the Chinese government. It also comes ahead of several new releases by the tech giant, reported the Daily Wire.

Apple fears failing to comply with Chinese customs may lead to delayed shipments of its new devices. It also cited a Chinese order to customs agents to check products for “Made in Taiwan” labels. Each violation faces a fine equivalent to $592 or a cancelled shipment.

Pelosi’s trip included visits with several chip makers based in Taiwan. Enforcement of Chinese customs ramped up shortly after her visit.

GreatFire, a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting Chinese censorship, blasted Apple for the change.

“Is it a question of time before Apple starts removing apps whose name contains the characters [for] Taiwan without specifying ‘province of China?” they asked.

“Unfortunately, we suspect that Apple’s ‘red-line’, the moment where it will say: ‘Stop, no longer, we cannot continue to collaborate with the Chinese regime and enforce its requests for censorship,’ is nowhere close.”

They also noted that Apple didn’t give any alternatives to Taiwanese suppliers.

Apple isn’t the only multi-national corporation caving to China. Candy giant Mars Wrigely bowed to China after one of its ad referenced Taiwan as an independent country. It was listed in a number of nations showing product availability.

Actor and wrestler John Cena also recently apologized to China after saying in an ad that, “Taiwan will be the first country to see” his new film.

“I love and respect China and Chinese people. I’m very, very sorry for my mistake,” Cena groveled in Chinese.

“Sorry, sorry. I’m very sorry. You must understand I love and respect China and Chinese people. Sorry. Goodbye,”