Antifa Vandalizes Nancy Pelosi’s Mansion

(Headline USA) Angered over the failure by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., to deliver sufficient kickbacks, radical leftist—presumed to be Antifa members—vandalized Pelosi’s mansion in San Francisco’s posh Pacific Heights neighborhood.

Vandals included a pig’s head, fake blood and spray paint in their artwork, which also depicted the “A” symbol typically associated with anarchism.

After cleanup crews were called in around 3 a.m., they were forced to resort to covering up the scene with garbage bags.

The graffiti mentioned the $2,000 checks, which Pelosi recently agreed to support only after months of holding out to avoid giving pre-election political points to President Donald Trump.

Although Trump supported the extra funds being included in the stimulus package totaling, GOP senators scoffed at the massive spending bonanza after appropriating $1.2 trillion in a pork-laden omnibus bill.

The vandals also demanded that Pelosi somehow cancel rent. Although a mass exodus from California has significantly lowered the cost of living in San Francisco—once the country’s most expensive city—rent prices their remain prohibitively high for many.

The erosion of confidence in Pelosi from the radical Left has been echoed in the House chambers, where a rift is emerging between Establishment Democrats who support the speaker and fringe progressives, such as members of the so-called “Squad,” who are seeking new leadership.

Pelosi warned Democrats that failure to support her could wind up in Republicans—who gained ground in the November election—unifying to give the gavel to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif.