$19K Raised for Kroger Manager Harassed by Trans BLM Supporter

(National File) A Kroger supermarket manager had a $19,000 Go Fund Me raised in his name after he was harassed and publicly exposed on social media by a prominent transgender Black Lives Matter left-wing activist.

Transgender BLM activist Danielle Muscato posted a picture of a Kroger manager to Twitter in an effort to dox and cancel them over a small dispute concerning a face mask.

“I was just threatened w/assault at @kroger in Louisville because I asked another customer to wear a mask, and she refused. I reported it to a manager, who found her and talked to her, but refused to do anything more. His name is Andy, and he does not want Twitter to know that,” Muscato initially tweeted.

The tweet ignited a social media firestorm, but Muscato refused to yield and doubled down on tweeting out about the incident.

“I didn’t get a pic of the woman who threatened me,” Muscato claimed. “But it’s all on camera, @Kroger has footage. I asked the manager about that footage, too, and he blew me off. Kroger, this is unacceptable.”

Following the firestorm and beaming Kroger’s manager over the internet, Target Tori–an e-celebrity who was made popular after a journalist attempted to dox her in a similar incident, this time, concerning a mispriced toothbrush–began a crowdfunding plea to send Andy on vacation.

Within the first 90 minutes, over $5,000 was raised, and, at the time of writing this piece, over $19,000 was raised for the overworked manager.

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