Wyoming Company Offers Free AR-15s to Customers

(Headline USA) A Wyoming roofing company is offering customers who recently moved to the state free AR-15s when they purchase a roof installation.

“Guns are a part of our culture out here,” said Matt Thomas, the head of marketing for Wiggins Construction. 

“People are moving into Wyoming to get out of the cities and to get away from the regulation and to get away from living in fear,” he told COUNTY-17. “We’re just offering it as almost, like, for the people that are recently moving to Wyoming as a ‘Welcome to Wyoming’ gift and for the people that are here, locals, just a ‘thank you’ for doing business.”

The company said it has worked with a legal team to make sure the AR-15 gift was legal before rolling out the promotion.

They will log the gun’s serial number and submit a transfer ownership form before handing the gun over.

Customers must also prove they are older than 21 and pass a standard background check before receiving the gift. 

Thomas said Wiggins Construction has already received backlash from angry leftists. 

“It’s come to our attention that people are saying that we don’t respect life and we don’t want life preserved and we want life taken. That is completely false,” he said during a Facebook Live video. “So if you do not want a gun with your roof, that’s completely fine.”

Customers who do not want the AR-15 gift can opt for a $800 donation sent to a religious pregnancy center instead.

This alternative is meant to allow customers to take “a stance against the murder of 3,000 babies every single day by Planned Parenthood,” Thomas said.

Since the promotion launched earlier this month, Wiggins Construction has received more than 120 bids from customers across the state interested in a roof installation, Thomas told Fox Business.

“We’re just doing it as a thank you to the people of Wyoming,” he added.