World’s Richest Man Tells Congress America Needs ‘Reckoning’

(InformationLiberation) Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man, said during testimony before congress on Wednesday that the US is in the middle of a “much-needed race reckoning” and portrayed himself as the son of an “immigrant” and “refugee” because his adoptive father is Cuban.

“Of course, this great nation of ours is far from perfect,” Bezos said during his opening statement. “Even as we remember Congressman John Lewis and honor his legacy, we’re in the middle of a much-needed race reckoning.”

Cities burning down, businesses being looted, statues being toppled, Churches vandalized, murder rates exploding and racial violence in the streets is apparently just what America “needed”!

Bezos’ testimony revolved around him trying to portray himself as an underprivileged minority and taking part in what Steve Sailer dubbed the “Flight from White” — the process whereby white people are electing to identify as anything but white to avoid accusations of “white privilege” and being viewed as a member of the “despised majority.”

From Bezos’ pre-prepared written opening statement:

Of course, this great nation of ours is far from perfect. Even as we remember Congressman John Lewis and honor his legacy, we’re in the middle of a much-needed race reckoning. We also face the challenges of climate change and income inequality, and we’re stumbling through the crisis of a global pandemic. […] Immigrants like my dad see what a treasure this country is–they have perspective and can often see it even more clearly than those of us who were lucky enough to be born here.

Bezos isn’t “stumbling” through anything.

He’s richer than ever even with his wife divorcing him and taking 25 percent of his Amazon stake.

Earlier this month, he made $13 billion in one day.

(Incidentally, his ex-wife announced Tuesday she has donated $1.7 billion of her divorce money to a variety of leftist groups, including to a Black Lives Matter group that wants to abolish police and prisons.)

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