Woman Shocked by ‘Woke’ Books in BABY Section at Barnes & Noble

(WND) A South Florida woman was so shocked recently by “woke” and “cancel culture” books being sold in the baby section of Barnes & Noble, she recorded the titles and posted them on Facebook.

“OH MY LORD. Parents please wake up and see what is happening!” says Renee Times, a Republican precinct committeewoman in Palm Beach County.

“I took a trip to #barnesandnoble to buy a children’s gift check out some of these titles and how our children are being indoctrinated into this #woke Cancel Culture we are witnessing right before our eyes.”

“Are you kidding me?” she declares upon seeing a copy of “My First Book of Feminism” by Julie Merberg.

Other titles Times comes across include:

  • “I Look Up to Ruth Bader Ginsburg” by Anna Membrino and Fatti Burke
  • “Antiracist Baby” by Ibram X. Kendi
  • “Baby Feminists” by Libby Babbott-Klein
  • “No! My First Book of Protest” by Julie Merberg
  • “Woke Baby” by Mahogany L. Browne
  • “Michelle Obama: First Lady and Superhero” by Sarah Howden

The back cover of “Woke Baby” proclaims:

WOKE BABIES are up early.

WOKE BABIES raise their fists in the air.

WOKE BABIES cry our for justice.

WOKE BABIES grow up to change the world.

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