Whistleblower: Amazon Forces Employees to Confess ‘Unconscious Racial Bias’

(Headline USA) Amazon regularly forces its employees to confess their “unconscious racial bias” in meetings with other employees, according to a company whistleblower.

About once a month, Amazon holds “town halls” where vice presidents of the company are “forced to talk about how they grew up with unconscious biases” and “white privilege,” the insider told the Daily Wire.

“Obviously they bring out the white male VPs to talk about all of this,” the source said.

In these town halls, white male executives are encouraged to participate in Q&A sessions during which employees can ask them to describe specific instances in which they recognized their white privilege, and what they wish they could have done to change their privilege in that moment.

“The stories that they come back with are so obviously just false and fake, but it’s just stuff that they have to say during these meetings,” the whistleblower noted.

Employees are also required to act out certain scenarios, such as a minority employee complaining that he has been discriminated against by his boss.

The employees are then asked to provide the correct response to that scenario, and if they choose the answer that says employees should wait for additional context, they are forced to retake the training.

The insider said he came forward because Amazon published a company-wide report spelling out its diversity, equity, and inclusion goals for 2021, which suggests the company plans to apply its “racial bias” training to its hiring decisions.

“It seems like they’re no longer sticking to the ‘we’ll hire the best person for the job’ narrative that they’ve been pushing,” the insider said.

Amazon also plans to scrutinize any significant differences among demographics in the make-up of its teams.

It is also revising its company documents to get rid of any “new instances of non-inclusive terms,” according to the memo.