Wendy’s Worker Charged with Murder After Sucker Punching 67 Year-Old Customer

(Today) A Wendy’s employee in Arizona has been arrested and charged with murder after he allegedly sucker-punched a customer which resulted in his death days later, according to police.

On July 26, 35-year-old Wendy’s employee Antoine Kendrick was working the register at a Wendy’s in Prescott Valley, Arizona. It was while taking the 67-year-old man’s order that police say an argument over the order escalated.

“A customer complained about his food order at which time, Wendy’s employee, Antoine Kendrick, came out from behind the service counter and struck the customer in the head,” said a Prescott Valley Police Department spokesperson in a news release.

“The customer fell to the floor striking his head and lost consciousness. Officers and Central Arizona Medical Authority responded to tend to the customer.”

That day, the customer was air-lifted to a Prescott Valley hospital where he remained in critical condition. Ten days later, on Aug. 5, the customer “succumbed to his injuries,” police said in an updated statement on Aug. 15.

Kendrick was initially arrested and booked on the charge of aggravated assault the day of the incident, but since the customer died, Kendrick is now being charged with second-degree murder.